Hello, my name is Joanna Kępińska and I help people who want to win a their job interview. My passion is to facilitate meeting  peoples’  professional goals. Instead of theoretical training –“what to do and what to avoid” I focus on mutual   practical and tangible solutions work out. It builds your self-confidence is based  on your strengths and makes your story interesting on a job interview.


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1.Looking for a job? Would you like a recruitment meeting to run according to your design? Do you want to participate in it without unnecessary stress? Do you want to have an impact on the course of a meeting? Do you want to know the questions and be ready to answer them with no surprise?

Just think. If you answer YES – this offer is for you.

2. Do you know how to speak convincingly about yourself? Can you understand your own strengths and effectively promote them? Can you use your  experience as a tool for your own marketing? Do you know how to win on a job interview?

Consider this… If you answer NO – I invite you, this offer is for you.

Times when interviews were formalities are over.. Today’s recruitment interviews are challanges worth preparing to in order to increase  your chances of winning. During my conversations with you I often hear:

“I’ve failed to say about me things I wanted yet again.

“During the interview the person kept requesting more and more” despite  I said everything …”

“If I had known  the  would have asked about that, I would have prepared myself.”

Most of the exams can be prepared to. As well as to most recruitment interviews. That’s why this website was created. “Preparing for the conversation / for the talk “, meaning how to:

• meet new employers’ expectations

• build a competitive advantage based on the strengths that each of us holds

• check whether the job offer is optimal for both me and the employer

I invite you to my website and to cooperation!

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New job search should begin when people are on the top of employer assessment curve not when it slowly goes down. Either you plan your career or someone else does it for you.

Client's opinion

Sometimes one sits down and considers something to be impossible :) For example a come back to the job offer that was once rejected some time ago ;) surely not everything is possible. Conversation with the coach may help to realize it . Firstly gradually "peel" it of emotions so let the substantive side of the challenge remains which is far easier to work with right? At least this was my case :) But remember everything is still in your hands! I highly recommend Joanna as the coach - for me it was an emotional adventure for which I am thankful a lot :-) )

August 18, 2017 Tomasz - Project Manager


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