About me

I often hear from friends, acquaintances or people whom I work with that I can find the best in people. I want to believe this is the case. I like people and this makes my job easier – helping others to achieve their development goals. Many years of work in international organizations have given me hundreds of recruitment meetings and thousands of hours of development conversations. I’ve done my lessons and graduating corporate HR academies with honors. Then came the time to start a family. Today I have two sunny children and a wonderful husband. But, regardless of the stage of my life, I have not abandoned my passion – developing others and motivating them to achieve higher goals.
Outside the corporations I practiced…  I persuade my husband to change his job. We have prepared several interview scenarios and succeeded in achieving success. Then I started to advise my friends and other people around me. The job was offered to them. For some the job interview went so well that they were not able to choose the best offer: out of 7 job interviews they got 5 job offers and did not know what to do about it. I wish all such a failure of the harvest.

There are too many people who do not know how to successfully win an on an interview, and even more guides on how to write a CV, etc. But effective preparation for the conversation, backed up by specific winnings in the recruitment process, remains an undiscovered and difficult subject. Hence the idea for this site.

If you really want to find or change a job or seriously fight for promotion – I invite you and I guarantee that the probability of success will increase.

And now more officially:
15 years of experience in specialist and managerial positions in the production and marketing and sales environment of the FMCG industry in the area of ​​human resources management; Including 10 years in international corporations and 5 years of individual co-operation with companies and individuals as a coach.
I am a graduate of the University of Łódź in the Faculty of Management and Marketing, specializing in People Management; SWPS, where I completed postgraduate studies: Social Psychology in Organization Development and at Mukoid Institute’s – Professional Coach Training Program.


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