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Sometimes one sits  down and considers  something to be  impossible 🙂 For example a come back  to the job offer that was  once rejected some time ago 😉 surely not everything is possible :Conversation with the coach may help to realize it . Firstly gradually “peel” it of  emotions so let  the substantive side of the challenge remains which is far easier to work with right? At least this was my case 🙂 But remember everything is still in your hands! I highly recommend Joanna as the coach – for me it was an emotional adventure  for which I am thankful a lot 🙂 )

August 18, 2017 Tomasz – Project Manager

I firmly believe that  Ms. Joanna is a very competent trainer. Ms. Asia is always well prepared, engaged, shares experience and inspires    thinking process and most importantly she positively  seting the mindset to the particular condition I decided to participate in  coaching sessions since I had experienced  problems with going successfully through recruitment process. I am surprised by the changes that followed  several sessions with Ms. Asia. She has an unique skill  of  asking the right questions which has made me realize what my limitations have been  and what blocks me from achieving my goals. The meetings were conducted in the form of regular conversations during which I came up with new conclusions, theoretically the obvious ones. Coaching inspired  me to think and more importantly to act. I highly recommend working with Ms. Asia. 

February 27, 2017 Anna – Legal Counsel

Joanna’s support was recommended  to me. A few months earlier I had lost my job unexpectedly. The recruitment process and finding a new employer, bearing in mind  my competences and experience, was to be honestly  speaking a  formality. Months were passing by, I took part in new recruitments, got to the finals, and on final approach  I could not convince a new employer to offer me a job. After four months it became frustrating for me and each and every subsequent job interview was only deepening  that frustration. I felt powerless with both finding failures reasons and  understanding how I could switch  my situation. Then a friend recommended me Joanna’s help. Initially I was reluctant to do so but after conseqitive failures in recruitment processes I decided to try . It took just three meetings to learn how to talk about my experience in a way that builds trust and proves my reliability. It was a great investment with  happy end. After three sessions I got new work. The job offer that I selected  myself among bunch of  proposals that suddenly fell on me. Three sessions was enough for me to understand both how to build trust with the person I speak with and also to answer myself a question which job offers suit my needs best  and where I want to work. In summary: sometimes it is good to get lost in order to rebuild   awareness again. Self-awareness is far easier to build with  coach’s  impartiality and assistance. The optimal conditions are   when the coach is marked with  experience of the world we live in. My case was so.

January 28, 2017 Mateusz – Group Marketing Manager

I went through the coaching process with Ms. Joasia and I can say that this was the best invested time. Coaching has allowed me to look at the most important issues from a different perspective, to sort out the particular areas of my life and to gain even higher level of  self-awareness. Thanks to  the coaching process for the first time  I know what I want to do with my life –    I know where I go and why it is there … And the most valuable  thing is that after the process I am   more aware of myself. As a result of  professional coach experience and consultation  I can work on myself and shape my life! Thank you! I recommend with confidence coaching sessions with Ms. Joanna Kepińska.

December 15, 2017 Joanna – Sales Director

Ms. Asia s builds relationships in effective way which makes a sessionwith her truly professionally enjoyable. . The sessions enabled me to consider my life from multiple different perspectives.    which made numerous cases ordered.. I do recommendsincererly !

November 12, 2016 Edyta – Entrepreneur

Joanna Kępińska is a great coach. During coaching process she is very attentive, reliable, focused on the coachee. She demonstates a lot of empathy is a great and wise listener. She can catch speech from key issues and interactions between them, then lead the conversation so that we suddenly see “on hand” what we should know about ourselves. The next stage of the process shows us what we should do and what we fail to achieve our goals. After the first session I got a “big wind in the sails”, the next sessions opened another important door to me, added knowledge and motivation. I had the feeling that from a mess and scattered blocks I was building a new structure based on wisdom, conscious action, knowledge of its resources, development, proper activity, love and fulfillment. The decision to coach with Joanna was one of the most important and the best in my life. I recommend to anyone who interferes with their own “limitations”, which is struggling with problems that they cannot solve themselves, anyone who wants to take the next step in their own development and give new quality to their life.

November 2, 2016 Ewa – Marketing manager, Entrepreneur

For me coaching sessions with Ms Joanna was a major  surprise. At the meetings  substantial content ,  concrete and profound work. Corporate experience has  contributed a lot here much as well. I had the feeling to be  understood correctly  and  to be listened to. Thanks to that I planned my own business development swiftly . I know where I go and why. I am calm and fully focused on my goals.. Mrs. Joanna opens great spaces  for self-development.

October 27, 2016 Aneta – Entrepreneur


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