The purpose of the “Coaching before interview” is to achieve the following benefits:

You learn to talk about yourself. You create image of yourself focusing on your strengths.

Based on the projects you have implemented, you are learning to name the skills you have developed and used so that you can talk about them with full awareness.

You learn to formulate your thoughts in an interesting way and show the range of abilities and knowledge you have.

You gain self-confidence and sense of being valuable in the job market – which is a very important background during the interview.

Individual meetings and focus on YOU while developing solutions is something you will not gain with headhunter or trainer.

To whom “Coaching before interview” is adderessed:

(1) You are working and looking for a job. You have already been in several job interviews, but there are some difficulties with moving to the next stages of the selection process.

(2) You have been working in your company for many years and you know you should or need to look for a new job. At the same time you feel that finding a job can be difficult for you.

(3) You do not have a job. You are invited to an interview, but for some reason work is not offered to you and you start questioning that you are fully competent to find it.

If one of the above statements describes your current situation I invite you to take advantage  of the “Coaching before interview” program.

Skills you acquire during this process are useful not only during interview but also in daily communication – conversations with supervisors, co-workers, project presenters. They can be further developed through coaching by setting new goals.

If you are interested in an individual interview preparation meeting, please contact me by phone, email or use the quick contact form.

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