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[fb_button]People of success have the courage and motivation to take different decisions than others. New job search should begin when people are on the top of employer assessment curve not when it slowly goes down. Do most of us follow this way? Not necessarily…

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Long lasting work for one company builds up the feeling of comfort and safety so no need for a change is required.  Willing to maintain the status quo  and stay in the very cozy employers environment we might miss the moment when job search should begin. The price may result in an undesirable change in the professional path development or even financial stability.  

Either you plan your career or someone else does it for you.

Balanced calculation – not everyone is ready for it …

Common sense does not go parallel with emotions quite often. Job search shares the same quality. Sometimes there is not will to change the employer. Especially when the current successes result in our efforts over last years. Taking a new more demanding role we carry the awareness that in the first period at least we will have to present ourselves and our competences in the spotlight.  Our strength and willingness might not be enough yet the above is worth considering.

My experience tells me that if we work 6 – 8 years in one company this is the moment when it is worth considering a change. An alternative to a new employer might be a promotion and / or salary increase in the current job. However very often an easier path is to get a higher position and a better remuneration in a new job than to convince the current employer to introduce significant amendments to the current contract conditions (of course there are some exceptions).

Our peace and stability being a result of comfort worked out with current employer lets oppose to further professional plans. We must ask ourselves a question: do I have time to take no action? Let’s assume that you still have 2 years minus the time you invest in job search, that is from the moment you send your first job offer to the time when the job will be offered to you. In this way you decide when is the right moment for you to begin the actions.

If you find it is sensible to fight for a higher position or salary increase in your current company, then you must assume that this is not a matter of one meeting. To start such conversations you also need to choose the right moment and prepare yourself well. The first step is to collect smart arguments. Your position on the labor market and knowledge what you can get from other employers – is also a strong argument which might be to your advantage. In order to build this knowledge you must participate in job interviews since it supports your strategy effectively. So we’re going back to the starting point.

 The strategy works!

It is assumed that interviews should be conducted every 6 months. It can be treated as a training thanks to which it will be easier to reach the goal if we are really looking for a job.

As I mentioned earlier this is also a way to verify our competences in relation to the market and to check how our competences are assessed. The outcome of a job interview helps you to build arguments for a possible conversation with your current employer. It also suggests what skills are worth strengthening in order to remain competitive.

If you are looking for a job because you start to lose the ground under your feet the interview quality is going to be affected. Not to mention the fact that we are then more willing to accept less favorable conditions just to get a job.

I am a strong advocate of thinking a few steps ahead. Job search is something that is usually quite stretched over time. The higher the position the longer search time. This fact must be remembered primarily by middle and senior managers. Job search time at this managerial level is often a year or even longer. So the moment when you decide to take this step has quite a big impact on whether your new job is going to be better than the previous one.

Attending job interviews random is one thing and the real job search is the other. Regardless your motives of CV distribution and taking part in job interviews the above actions should bring assumed outcomes. That is at least one of these recruitment processes should end up with an offer submitted to you. Even if the  outcome of negotiating promotion or salary increase with the current employer is positive the acquisition of another external offer is the legitimate confirmation of your skill value on the labor market.

Changes on your conditions

Slowly moving changes around us are hardly graspable. In most cases at some point they are inevitable. It is worth preparing early enough to “leave the stage with a shield ” … and start a new chapter yet on your conditions.

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