How does it work in practice?

10 main rules:

1. We practice the real life conversation – role plays based on your actual experiences, skills, projects you have participated in, etc.

2. Preparation may refer to a specific conversation or we may be dedicated to general job interview, an evaluation interview or another one which course or outcome is important for you. “General” preparation does not mean brief. Always you set a goal you want to achieve and on this basis we are working to create solutions that will help you achieve it.

3. Preparation is conducted in coaching conversation way which in practice means that I ask you a lot of questions to support your solutions.

4. During the meeting with you I give feedback on what I hear and what I see. I’m also covering what I thought or how I felt about your speech or words. By doing this I act like a mirror, so it is easier for you to see yourself. To see what you like and modify what does not fit to your image as a job candidate, leader, etc.

5. During the conversation I encourage you to talk about your assumptions, motives, fears. The conversation can also refer to  your values, identities, beliefs as they form the bases for how you talk about yourself, your experiences and your achievements. Cooperation with me is not a tool to communicate what to do and what not. Usually it is clear before we start ;). The coaching method assumes that your actions are based on motives, attitudes, your awareness of your own influence on others or lack of it. As a consequence this holistic view supports your assertive attitude thanks to which you achieve your goals effectively.

6. While working I base on the foundation of professional ICF coaching, which is guaranteed by the ICF Code of Ethics and the Contract. 

7. We do not create facts and we do not reinvent ourselves.

8. Body language is not our primary focus and we do not learn the technique of manipulation either.

9. Developed solutions are supported by my knowledge and experience. We explore the solution from different points of view but you are decision maker regarding shape of the final solution bearing in mind your goals, subjective feelings what is appropriate for you, intuition, etc.

10. It may happen that part of the work you will perform on your own e.g. between meetings in order to increase the efficiency of the development process.

The above principles may apply to a broad scope of our cooperation. You may want to prepare for a conversation regarding promotion, salary increase, performance appraisal conversation  with a subordinate or supervisor, a presentation before a new team and of course a job interview.


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